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PTI Chicago Release Party At NEO Nov. 21st, 2004 @ 11:28 pm
I would personally like to invite everyone out to NEO this saturday November 27th for the Official PTI Blackout release party. Dj $#&@! will be giving away free cd's and spinning a bunch of tracks. I hope everyone can make it out, it should be a great time!

For audio samples and information about Blackout, as well as general PTI information, surf on over to ptinc.net.

Neo is located at 2350 north clark street. Visit their newly redesigned website for more information: NEO Chicago.

See you Saturday!

Announcements and More! Nov. 18th, 2004 @ 09:47 pm
Well... first the announcements:

1. PTI is having a Chicago release party at NEO Saturday the 27th of November. This is in less than 2 weeks, mark your calendars! Dj $#&@! will be giving away discs and spinning tracks off of our debut album Blackout. It should be a really great time!

2. PTI is happy to say that we will be playing this years Saturnalia festival Saturday December 18th. While details are seeping out, this is technically a "secret" event that does not get announced until one month before the actual event occurs (which, means the official release from American Gothic Productions is due any day now! So check back for more details, because I will post them as soon as they are made public. I can say that it will be a very cool bill, and a very cool venue this year!

I hope everyone can make it out to both events, they should be equally fun. The release party will be rocking, geoff tells me he will be playing three tracks, which I believe is better than the last party he threw... and apparently people in the shy at least, are really starting to dig PTI. Or at least, are drunk enough to get down to anything with a decent beat. Cheers to that.

Hope everyone is well this dreary week.

First Post Ever! Nov. 15th, 2004 @ 11:32 pm
Well than! Here is the first post ever at the official PTI livejournal community. This journal will hold personalized updates about PTI and things related to the band. It will definately be more personal than anything you will find on the website, but for right now, lets just jump into some news!

So everyone is clear, pti = phil of pti, darklink = eric of pti. There is a good possibility that posting access will be given to other close associates of the band as well (videographer, live members etc).

So lets get to the updates!

1. After a year and a half of work, we are happy to announce that our debut album Blackout was released on WTII Records October 26th.
2. How about an official press release!

As follows:

The most recent signing make their WTII debut with the release of Blackout. Following the self released SOS EP, Blackout blends melodic and aggressive vocals with driving beats, heavy synths and intricate programming. The tracks "Gone Silicon," "IDentify" and "Database" are destined to be club hits, while "Ivory Tower" and "Vacant" showcase the more melodic side of PTI. Overall this 11 track release will expose the masses to the world of PTI and leave you wanting more.

3. I am proud to say that ptinc.net is back in action!
4. You may purchase our debut album Blackout here: PTI @ wtiirecords.com
5. Thank you for taking the time to read, or join our brand new community.

Heres to the dawn of a new year and a new PTI era.
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