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It's been a pretty exciting week. The myspace community for pti is… - PTI Net Community

About It's been a pretty exciting week. The myspace community for pti is…

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It's been a pretty exciting week. The myspace community for pti is growing leaps and bounds. To check that out swing over to http://www.myspace.com/pti. We recently got a remix back of Identify by Christ Analogue and it is totally sweet. Also, we have been brainstorming our heads off to put together a cool databass music video. And did I mention that there are some.. PTI SHOWS COMING UP! Check it out.

First off, We are happy to let everyone know that we will be performing in January with DJ Acucrack and Die Warzau!!

01/07/2005 09:00 PM  -  The Metro
3730 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60411,  -  $10
The long-awaited return of Die Warzau will finally take place at the Metro. PTI and DJ Acucrack? will open. Tickets will be available in the coming days. The event is also 18+ 
Second off, the information for the Saturnalia 5 festival has changed slightly, however it has changed for the better! Here is the official scoop from the American Gothic Productions website:
Saturnalia 5 Festival

The return of SATURNALIA, our amazing year end & holiday festival! For one invitation price, you get all the live music, our (in)famous open bar(!), great d.j.s & dancing, performance artists, vendors, gourmet appetizers, secure coat check, fabulous people & more you've come to expect from SATURNALIA! And it's coming up SOON! Four great bands will be playing this year and we are *very* pleased to announce them all here:

From the WTII label, Chicago's own PTI ! Arising from the newly resurgent Chicago Electro/EBM scene comes the highly touted and youthful duo known as PTI. Consisting of Eric Dusik and Phil Fox, the two have been enhancing their distinct sound and redefining a style of club music that has dominated the international scene since the early 90s. PTI’s diverse sonic palette melds melodic and aggressive vocals styles with heavy synth lines, driving beats and layers of intricate programming. Their overall energy level and style can only be compared to the bands that once dominated the genre like Front242 and other Wax Trax! type artists. See http://www.ptinc.net or http://www.WTIIrecords.com for further info.

From Salt Lake City, US deathrock's rising stars TRAGIC BLACK ! Influenced by decadence, lucid dreaming & Chartreuse. Tragic Black is an eclectic mixture of goth deathrock, street- horror punk, progressive industrial, and darkwave. A surreal musical tourguide from the mean streets of Salt Lake City! They look great & they sound even better! Their appearance at Saturnalia 5 will mark their first Chicago gig! Please visit their website: http://www.tragicblack.com 

From Seattle, ABNEY PARK. Abney Park's music has been called an amalgam of Dead Can Dance, Danny Elfman and Rammstein, truly innovating themselves and conveying a musical maturity apparent from release to release.  Though hard to label, world-tinged darkwave also comes to mind. Abney Park has produced a number of CDs of their own and have also appeared on many compilations & sound tracks for movies & video games. In support of these releases, the band has played live gigs all over North America. Their appearance at Saturnalia 5 marks their first Chicago show. Learn more here: http://www.abneypark.com

From Madison, COP International recording artists ONEIROID PSYCHOSIS. Oneiroid Psychosis is a pathologic state in which the subject has difficulty differentiating between reality and dreams. Lars and Leif Hansen have captured the sound of what it must feel like to be so afflicted, making Oneiroid Psychosis one of the most frightening recording artists ever heard. Their recently released fourth CD "DREAMS (with pollutions when virile)" is their strongest work to date. It clearly showcases their true, unique sound; characterized by dark synth textures and thought-provoking lyrics and vocals. Oneiroid Psychosis' three previous releases garnered them worldwide recognition. They have charted in France, Germany, and Canada and have been featured in magazines, newspapers, and radio shows from Russia, Europe, Canada, South America and the US. Please visit their website: http://www.oneiroidpsychosis.com

(*NEW VENUE!*)The SATURNALIA 5 festival will take place at the Westgrand Studios, 1844 W. Hubbard, (one block south of Grand Ave./2 blocks east of Damen Ave.) Chicago. 18 and over! 9p.m. - 5a.m. The fifth year of Saturnalia promises to be fantastic!

 The ticket invitation price is $40.00, all inclusive. You *must* have a ticket invitation to enter the Saturnalia party. Tickets may be purchased (cash only) at these Chicago retailers starting Friday, 10 December:
- 99th Floor, 3406 N Halsted St - (773) 348-7781
- Evil Clown, 3418 N Halsted St - (773) 472-4761
- SpaceTime Tanks, 2526 N. Lincoln Ave - (773) 472-2700

* BUT! you can purchase your ticket online RIGHT NOW! via PayPal. [Editors note, to purchase via paypal, please visit <a href="http://www.americangothicprod.com/events.php?ID=100" target="_blank" class="newsLink">Saturnalia Official Announcement Page</a> and follow their paypal link]
YOUR PAYPAL PAYMENT RECEIPT IS YOUR TICKET!! If you purchase your ticket online via PayPal, you must bring a printout of either your payment detail page, or your emailed PayPal receipt (or both!).
...SATURNALIA....the best way for the dark alternative culture to celebrate!

Saturday, December 18th, 2004


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